House Cleaning work

Position: House Cleaning Work

Worksite: Mudgee NSW

Candidate: Girl/Female

I would like to mention that the position is available on an evening shift basis so the employee has to available at a job for 2-3 hours a week remember the job is do the cleaning of the house

Responsibilities include

  • Vacuuming, mopping the floor, wiping windows and tables
  • Cleaning all the common areas of the working site
  • you have to clear the rubbish bins and changing bins bags etc
  • As every job need candidate to work in an underpressure environment with a team or might have to work alone so do we need the same quality

Requirements: got experience in working as a cleaner in the cleaning sector mainly in commercial cleaning

must have excellent knowledge of handling cleaning tools and products.

The employee has to follow all the instructions given by the clients and also be able to complete the task one given time.

An employee has to be fast in work as well as efficient, dedicated obviously hardworking, and hones with a can-do positive attitude.

If you think you are fit for the position  and willing to apply for this post then you can call us on this number for further inquiry 0434675029

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