Job in Fruits Picking and Harvest Sector

Job Opportunity for people in Australia to work in fruits picking and harvest sector, you can say farm jobs, agriculture job in Coffs Harbour,NSW. As you are working as a fruits picker  means it includes any kind of fruits like blueberries, blackberries, strawberry to banana, etc

What you will get while working with us 

-weekly payment system-every Friday into your account- calculated on hourly rate basis

-count for second, third year working holiday visa

-can be your stable job, if your performance is well then you may have working opportunities in roles such as  pack shed, maintenance and irrigation

-The good thing about this job is  No experience is needed. work will be ongoing for the right candidates

To work in the Fruits picking and harvest sector you must be physically fit, willing to work throughout the season. we seek a positive can-do attitude from you as well as good communication skills. We may be able to provide accommodation but candidates are requested to arrange by themself.

The working season will start from May 2020 onwards until the end of the year, you need to be available between these 4 months in Coffs Harbour, however, you may work anything from 20 hrs/ to 60/70hrs a week.

Another Exciting thing is that if you are an overseas full-time student then things to remember you must be available in Coffs harbor from May till September

-we don’t provide any transportation facilities so arrange it by yourself to travel from work to back to your accommodation place

if you miss the first intake, you may reapply

Only a limited number of people are required for this job

To apply for this job kindly forward your resume to, as we receive lot of applicants so do not forget to mention job post in the subject while sending an email. if you have any question you can email us too.

Note: Please donot deal with money giving or taking while dealing job things and we Sabaikojob is not responsible for any harm caused by job provider,stay safe



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