Various job vacancy in UAE

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Salary: 46,395-30,930


Foreign food Cook Male-8


1200 37,115
Waiters Male-33


1200 37,115
 Stall & Market Salesperson Male-5


1500 46,395
Butcher Male-8


1200 37,115
Restaurant Worker Male-6


1000 30,930
LT.NO 228761

Final Interview from company representative: 17 Dec.2019(poush 1) at Hotel Holiday Home Birtamod

Note: Laundry men and chappti maker also needed so kindly contact to the manpower office for more information

Company: Securiguard Middle East LLC, Abu Dhabi

Security Guard Male-350


2000 62,380
LT.NO 227241

Final interview from company representative on 23 Dec 2019 at hotel holdiy home birtamod


  • minimum slc pass and can speak ,read and write in english
  • age must be between 22-40
  • height: 5 fit 7 inch

Basic salary AED 2000 and Overtime Allowance AED 770

Minimum Qualification Experience On related Field
Over Time As per company Rules
Working Hour 8 Hours
Working days 6 days
Food Yes
Accommodation Yes
Contract period 2 Years
LT.No. 228761,227241
Annual Leave As per company rules
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Before applying for any post follow the following :

    • Check the LT.No. before apply
    • You can check the LT. No. through Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labour, Employment And Social Security, Department of Foreign Employment, Kathmandu, Nepal’s website.
    • Website to check LT.No. is:
    • You can check through the SMS service. To check through the SMS service go to the message box and type [LT] [Space] [LT.No.] and send it to 34001.
    • If you need more information, please contact the Department of Foreign Labor, Tahachal.
    • Do not apply for the post which is not found on this site.

For more information directly contact to the manpower office below:

Sun Light Human Resources Pvt.Ltd

Samakhusi-29, Samakhushi town planning  Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 01-438488

Mob: 9801408283,9801033974,9802070510,9801033977,9801033975,9801023813

uae 228761

The Department of Foreign Labor’s important information

    • Please list out the contact numbers and address of the Nepalese diplomatic offices of that country where you are going to be employed, which makes it easy for you to get in touch with them when required, or when you are in trouble
    • Please deposit cash at the same manpower office where you have been offered employment at only after receiving your own visa. And do not forget to collect the paid cash receipt.
    • Do not pay more cash in the manpower office. Pay cash as declared in the document.
    • Please take orientation training. Before going abroad for employment it is necessary to take orientation training.
    • Before going abroad for employment, please read carefully at which country you are going to working for, the company you are going to working for and the facilities or services you will be provided with. Read carefully before Signature on the terms and conditions. Please keep a copy of the same paper with you safely.
    • There are chances of being cheat by not using Nepal’s Airport so please use Nepal’s airport when traveling abroad.
    • Please contact The Department of Foreign Labor, Tahachal, if you need any more information about this ad.

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